El Campeon Farms - Location Shoots for Film, TV, Ads and Video

El Campeon Farms is an idyllic location for a wide range of location shoots. Its picturesque setting and convenient location to production resources provides an incomparable setting in beautiful Southern California.

Some of the projects shot at El Campeon Farms:

Budweiser - Tryouts (Zoo Menagerie) 2005
Budweiser - American Dream 2006
Budweiser - Hank (Rocky Theme) 2008
Budweiser - Circus 2009

Jack In The Box - Super Bowl Commercial 2014
Carl's Jr. - 2014
Carl's Jr. - behind the scenes
Motts - Marcia Cross 2009

Payless Shoes
Century Link
Mc Donald's - Nuggets
Lincoln Car
Humana Health

Dinner for Schmucks - The artist's ranch
Grey's Anatomy - the wedding at the mid season finale 2014
Modern Family - Episode 508 'Closetcon'

Still Shoots
Katy Perry - Teen Vogue
Katy Perry - behind the scenes
Kohl's - Lauren Conrad